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President’s Message

steve_zobal_presidents-photoGreetings fellow ASCE Members, Board of Directors, and Committee Chairs! Welcome to another exciting year with Austin Branch ASCE! I would like to extend another, much-deserved Thank You to our Past-President Jane-Ellen Carter for her tireless, diligent efforts this past year! Jane-Ellen has left the Branch a legacy to live up to and a standard of excellence for us to shoot for in the oncoming 2016-2017 year.

I am honored to serve as your incoming Austin Branch ASCE President and I’m looking forward to meeting the challenges and goals we have before us this year. As a reminder, at the September meeting I spoke about the need for Texas to improve its Infrastructure Report Card Overall GPA. Two things we can do at the Branch level to help out are: 1) provide quality continuing education programs for our members; and 2) continue to build on our outreach efforts to the local schools. As professional
civil engineers, we need to continually expand our knowledge base and improve our skill sets to keep pace with technology and with the ever-changing world around us. Also, as Branch members, we need to spark interest in our great profession amongst our young people by becoming more proactive in our student outreach efforts. I can attest to the great time I had last year at the Kealing Middle School Engineer’s Day event.

As our newly-installed branch officers and chairs are gearing up for 2016-1017, we have identified a couple roles that need to be filled at the committee level as follows:

  – E-Week/Student Outreach Chair
  – Honors Committee Chair

If you have a passion for teaching/ working with kids or if you would like to take an active role in selecting the future Austin Branch Engineer of the Year, I invite you to become an active participant with the Austin Branch by stepping up to fill these roles! Please contact me at (512) 992-2964 or (512) 591-5702 if you are interested in the EWeek/Student Outreach position. If you are a seasoned veteran with 30+ years of experience as a licensed professional engineer, please e-contact Mr. Garabed Harutunian, P.E. (gharatunian@austin.rr.com).

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as your Austin Branch President!