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U.T. Student Mentoring Opportunities

Opportunities to Serve as Mentors to Civil Engineering Students at The University of Texas Orientation Session Thursday, September 5, 4:00 pm, ECJ 10th Floor Conference Room

The Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering is recruiting volunteers from the Austin Branch to serve as mentors for seniors in the civil engineering program. The objective of the course is to introduce students to some of the challenges that they will face as practicing engineers.

Students are organized into teams to work on real-world projects for real-world clients, and we are excited to add to have the following potential collaborative partners:  

  • City of Austin Neighborhood Connectivity Division, Public Works Department
  • City of Austin Environmental Resource Management Division, Watershed Protection Department
  • University of Texas Campus Planning and Construction Services Department
  • Goodwill Industries of Central Texas  

Several mentors will be assigned to each team to support students in developing a sound technical approach, preparing an oral presentation for a stakeholder meeting, and delivering a brief written report to their client. While mentors are certainly asked to provide technical advice as the project develops, another very important component of this course is to expose students to the non-technical aspects of our work as we collaborate with team members, clients, and stakeholder communities.

An orientation session will be held on Thursday, September 5, at 4:00 pm on the UT campus building ECJ 10th floor conference room. Mentors are encouraged to attend as the orientation session will give a brief overview of the projects the students will be working on this semester, a summary of expected mentor responsibilities, and a finalized calendar of dates at which mentors are needed. Mentors can select the project they would like to contribute to, but if you are unable to attend, you may still contribute to a project of your choice. Parking is available at the Speedway garage at the corner of 27th Street and Speedway. The ECJ building is located southeast of the garage by crossing the pedestrian bridge over Dean Keeton Street.

Working with the mentors has been an extremely valuable experience for our students, and several are currently employed by their former mentors. Mentors will be asked to attend up to four classes during the semester (held on campus from 3:00-5:00 pm on Wednesdays), as you are available. If you are interesting in volunteering, please contact Brandon Klenzendorf at bklenzendorf@geosyntec.comIf you would like to learn more about the class, please contact Bob Gilbert at bob_gilbert@mail.utexas.edu

Key class dates for you to attend (as available) are:
  • September 25 - Question and Answer Session with clients
  • October 16 - Preliminary Alternatives Presentations to mentors
  • October 30 - Dry Run Presentations to mentors
  • Mid-November - Mentors review draft written reports (via email)

Thank you very much for your support of our students, and special thanks to all of our Spring 2013 mentors!

Alex Reyna


Laton Carr

City of Round Rock

Bobak Tehrany


Lindsay O'Leary


Bailey Harrington

Big Red Dog

Marty Rumbaugh


Brandon Klenzendorf


Nishant Dayal

HVJ Associates

Bruce Aupperle

Aupperle Company

Paul Hahn


Chris Coons

RW Armstong

Rose Marie Klee


Chris Dormier

Black & Veatch

Sara Harai


Claudia Corsetti

City of Austin

Tom Ashcraft


Ed Perrey

Black & Veatch

Tony Smith


Fernando Gaytan


Valerie Kaiser


Garry Chang


Wes Young


Jose Guerrero

City of Austin

Woody Raine

City of Austin

Joseph Goessling

K Friese & Associates

Yannis Tassoulas


Kevin Critendon

City of Austin

Zach Ryan

Klotz Associates