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Opportunities to Serve as Mentors to Civil Engineering Students at the University of Texas

The Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering is recruiting volunteers from the Austin Branch to serve as mentors for seniors in the civil engineering program.  Approximately 40 students have registered for CE 171P, Engineering Professionalism, this spring.  The objective of the course is to introduce the students to some of the challenges that they will face as practicing engineers.

During the spring semester, the students will be working in teams on preliminary planning for bicycle trail and sidewalk projects for the Neighborhood Connectivity Division in the Public Works Department for the City of Austin.  One or two mentors will be assigned to each team to help the students prepare an oral presentation for a stakeholder meeting and a written report to the City of Austin.  Although mentors are often asked to provide technical advice as the project develops, the most important role is to help the students understand the nontechnical aspects of civil engineering.

Working with the mentors has been an extremely valuable experience for our students, and several are currently employed by their former mentors.  Mentors will be asked to attend approximately four classes during the semester (3:00 on Wednesday afternoon).  If you are interesting in volunteering, please contact Rose Marie Klee at rosemarie.klee@jacobs.com.  If you would like to learn more about the class, please contact Sharon Wood at swood@mail.utexas.edu.

Thank you very much for your support of our students, and special thanks to all of our Fall 2011 mentors!

Alex Reyna


Kirk Lowe


Andy Carter


Laton Carr

City of Round Rock

Antonio Mireles


Martin Rumbaugh


Bobak Tehrany


Marty Christman


Brandon Klenzendorf


Nicole Findelson


Chris Coons


Rose Marie Klee


Felipe Tudtud


Tom Ashcraft


Garry Chang


Tony Smith


Jose Guerrerro

City of Austin

Valeri Kaiser


Joseph Goessling

K Friese

Wes Young


Kelly Morrelli